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Craniosacral Paragraph


       This is an extraordinary form of treatment that was developed in the Western World as early as the 1920’s but in particular, within The United States of America.  Indeed, we as Westerners may ‘pat ourselves on the back’ for building a subtle and an energetic therapy free from Oriental influences, Oriental influences that tend to dominate Alternative Medicine in one form or another, and that is very alright of course.

       We know now how the distortion of the plates/bones of the skull may influence profoundly the nervous system in all its complexity in an adverse and in a life-changing way as to make life intolerable to live as normal.

       Yet with the gentle and subtle returning of the particular movements of the bones of the cranium manually into their proper pre-programmed motions, may the normal workings of the senses and all the other physiological attributes which includes the freeing-off, of the 12 cranial nerves and more, be obtained.

       Health improves in gross (for example: glue ear) and in subtle ways (for example: ability to focus mentally away from fogged-brain) by bringing-back powerful interior movements of the physiological body allowing free  flow of cerebrospinal fluid and other substances (yet to be discovered) so fine and recognised by the ancients as Jing in the Chinese tradition and Ojas within the Indian Ayurvedic Tradition, that these very life-giving substances deep within us, may flourish and therefore improve our general health.

       Freeing-up the natural movements of these vital fluids alone, may permit us to appreciate how extraordinary our lives are - our lives of both the agony and of the ecstasy, and these, oftentimes felt simultaneously - how curious!


       Japanese Shiatsu is a very powerful form of ‘bodywork’ sufficient to exchange pathological conditions of health, for better wholesome physiological functions of the body/mind System.  The principles involved are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Practice, except for the use of the penetrating application of needles on especial acu-points.

       All methods applied have been proven to work successfully over many hundreds of years to date.  Shiatsu is not only effective in reducing or even eliminating various troublesome ailments, but it is also valuable in changing for the better our existing psychological dis-attributes. Re-articulation of the joints are paramount within the general complex of Shiatsu body-work.

       Personal health improves but with increased energy and vigour with regular treatments under qualified operators, Male or Female.  Oftentimes, adjustments are made for the alignment of the skeletal frame when required - the Japanese name given to this branch of Shiatsu practice is called: Kansetsu. Cupping (Bag-wan); and Moxibustion are applied when required but also Gwa-Sha - the scraping of relevant areas of the body to lift out pathogens as well as to stimulate the body’s immune system.

       Altogether, Shiatsu in my opinion is a divine form of bodywork, sufficiently powerful to change for the better our physiological functions and state of well-being.

Shiatsu Therapy Paragraph
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