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       In the round, correcting the pelvis during the period of pregnancy is encouraged.  The safest times to administer the Pelvic Correction Techniques, are during the first and second trimesters.  It is reasonably safe to administer adjustements within the third trimester, but executed with less intensity.  The importance here is that common sense should prevail when pelvic correcting during these periods by administering the techniques less vigorously.

       Your infant [foetus] will enjoy its development inside its placenta when the womb is upright and level (vertical and horizontal); only possible with an aligned pelvis.

       A pelvis that is in-kilter, engenders good fluid, blood and ‘chi’ movement within the whole abdominal cavity with its visceral components, and also beyond those structures, rendering not only proper growth for the infant, but better health for the bearer, the mother.


       It is regrettable that as yet, a dysfunctional pelvis and therefore the spine, is not sufficiently recognised as contributing to a multitude of pathological disorders, physical and psychological a woman may experience before during and after pregnancy.


      The kinds of disorders engendered by pelvic dysfunction are: 1. Visceral Organ Prolapses. 2. Inguinal and Femoral Hernias. 3. Deficient absorption of nutrients via intestines. 4. Bladder and Bowel weakness and more............


In time perhaps, it will be a matter of routine to re-align the pelvises of pregnant mothers.





       When I found out that I was pregnant, I was over the moon… the pregnancy went by smoothly with minor routine complaints…. I was mentally preparing myself for the big day…. on the onset of labour, I told myself that I can handle this….Only to find out that I was utterly wrong…. My labour lasted for nearly 48 hours…. And after 18 epidural top ups I was taken to the operation theatre. I was told by the SHO that he was going to try a Ventouse to deliver my baby or forceps and failing which a Caesarean Section was my last choice. As if this wasn’t enough my baby’s heartbeat dropped three times. A sample of blood was taken from his head to find out whether he had enough oxygen to go through a vaginal birth!!!


       Needless to say that the Ventouse extraction failed and my baby boy was pulled out of me using forceps!!!  The pain I felt was excruciating!!!  To top it all my baby boy who was covered with blood did not cry and was therefore given oxygen. When he first cried he wailed with pain… and the forceps had left big bruises on his face… I was left behind to be cleaned  and sewn up (by the way I had an episiotomy  and  quite a few stitches) while my husband took my little baby to the Neo-natal ward where he had to be given some antibiotic injections as my waters had broken quite earlier on to protect him from any infection.


       Anyway, once I was home, everything was okay…. Suddenly on the 10th day I was squatting in order to change my sons nappy and I felt a sharp pain in my pubic bone… soon the pain started getting worse…….. I was told by my midwives that there might be an infection so I was given a course of antibiotics…..which did not help… I was told by women in the family that things like these happen in the course of a normal delivery and that things will get better… I then started hoping and praying for this pain to go away… I couldn’t even pass water without pain!!! I couldn’t sit for long to breastfeed my son… therefore the most enjoyable moments of my life became the most painful ones. The pain which I can never forget… two months passed by and I was running out of patience… I found myself permanently complaining to my friends and family about this pain… hoping against hope that someone will find a cure for this…


       After two months I saw my consultant… he did a Pelvimetry and gave me some heavy painkillers, which gave me awful heartburns…… according to him I had a torn ligament and I was told that it would heal by itself… I was told that I have a narrow pelvis and that I am not fit for a normal delivery… (such a shame, they could not find this out beforehand) Anyway, the never went and I still suffered in silence…One day while I was surfing the net in order to find out some complimentary therapies (which were now my only hope), I found out Mr. Alexander Barrie’s website…


       I soon made an appointment to see him….. Once more friends and family warned me saying that things could get worse!!! But I had made up my mind, I wanted a cure for this condition. The first time I saw Mr. Barrie, he told me in a few minutes that I had  a misaligned pelvis !!!!  He put the pelvis in place and when I was out of the clinic I was pain free!!!! I couldn’t believe this had actually happened…I did my pelvic floor exercises on the way home to check whether I was actually just imagining that I was pain free... I was overjoyed. It felt as if I was given one more chance to lead a normal life….. But after a week I was in pain again…… I went to see Mr. Barrie and he said to me that the pelvis is misaligned once more… He also showed me some exercises to do on a regular basis in order to keep my pelvis aligned…..


       One very important thing is that misalignment of the pelvis is very common, but mine wasn’t treated for two years and therefore   it was quite weak…..It was during this time that I had a miscarriage as a result of a misaligned pelvis…. slowly and gradually I started doing my exercises….by the grace of God  I fell pregnant again in a few months. I kept doing my pelvic correction exercises regularly…. I still do my exercises religiously three times a day…… but now I can say that I am pain free… now even if I experience a peculiar back pain or even sciatica I know that my pelvis needs straightening and I do my exercises straight away….


       I would like to thank Mr. Barrie a millions. If I hadn’t seen him I wouldn’t be leading a normal life. He truly has been a God sent angel for me… I wish him all the best for his future and I am sure many women suffering out there in silence have now got an answer for their prayers.


Mrs. Hema Shah.

Harrow. U.K.

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