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It was/is generally known with Manual Therapies that the human thighs when pushed outwards laterally from the knees against a resistant object, and then pulled inwards medially against a resistant object, a reasonable balance of the joints of the legs and the pelvis was obtained. This was/is a clever and effective way of employing the abductor and the adductor muscles of the thighs for therapeutic purposes.

However, this practice is not sufficient enough to correct true pelvic slippage, be it a wholesale prolapse of the pelvis to one side causing the leg on that side to appear longer than its partner leg and also commonly, a dysfunction of the sacroiliac joints, such as to cause the ilia (wings) of the pelvis to twist/torsion in opposite directions, thus, lifting one of the legs upwards superiorly causing leg length discrepancy once again.

Both subluxations/dislocations are damaging to the hapless body as its bony joints in many areas suffer detriment - most often, serious detriment.

Noticing over the years that almost without exception, patients lying on the treatment couch before me, presented leg length discrepancy. This commonplace presentation almost always followed back-pain and virtually all the other aches and pains of the joints of the shoulders and arms and those of the legs. In addition, respiration and digestion were affected mildly or seriously.

It was this regular dysfunctional presentation by patients that galvanised me into the making of a simple device, that would not only imitate the actions as described above with abducting and adducting the thighs, but to develop further that basic idea. I experimented with additional movements that twisted, bent and arched the spine. Eventually obtaining a formula, that if carried-out to the letter, worked 100% every time when the Device was deployed to re-align the pelvis perfectly, and in this way, neutralising and putting right the two basic types of pelvic dislocation.

I developed the Pelvic Ring Device further by adding some interesting knobbly parts, such, that one could sit into and onto the Device and in this way stimulate especial acupuncture points that assist healing of all the structures in and of that area. This whole process from beginning to end took around 15 years to develop and to obtain completion. This time factor was required because much testing had to take place to obtain the certainty of efficaciousness in such a crucial area of musculoskeletal medicine.

The primary technique applied executes The Regulator Technique. This regulates and corrects the pelvic dislocations and is biased towards chronic conditions. The second technique executes The Rump Compressor (the sitting into the device) and this is enjoyed anytime, but mainly for the acute stages of back-pain and more - when for instance your back has just given-way and you can barely move because you are experiencing intense pain and stiffness.

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