Angular lines are relatively simple and mathematically easy to resolve from the geometric point of view and these are given over to masculine nomenclature in nature. Spheres, ellipses and curves which are of course non-linear are not quite so simple to resolve geometrically, and mathematically, and these are given over to the feminine nomenclature in nature. Just as the positive end (masculine) of a magnet attracts the negative end (feminine) of another magnet, so the masculine and the feminine are compellingly and compulsively attracted each to the other - this also means that the linear, and that of the curve, balance and complement each other.

In this way and by analogy, men are a bit simpler in nature compared to women who are a little more complicated in nature. An entity of regular straight, triangular lines and vectors and is in this way elementary, requires spheres, ellipses, helixes and arcs to complement it. Conversely, an entity made-up of spheres, spirals and curves and which are not so elementary in nature, require straight and uncomplicated angular lines and vectors to complement it. This will explain to some extent the compulsion analogously of man and woman to meld into each other to enjoy a deep feeling of completion and in this way also, as a metaphor to the mixing of both kinds of mathematical phenomena. It is an inborn insistence of male and female to unify, and which moves mountains - so to speak !

Women seem attracted to men who are straight forward and uncomplicated (regular and straight-lines). Men seem attracted to women who have some inscrutability - their nature oftentimes inexplicable (circles and curves). The feminine is such that even if uneducated, there exists within it something untouchable and that cannot be explained, but women are attracted to men because of their relative simplicity - they, the women instinctively want to nurture them, and the menfolk, in this way, are assisted in their development as part of their cultivation for, and in life.

A work of art, be it as a building or as a painting has the perfect balance of masculine and feminine in its construction - lines, angles, curves and spheres. A meaningful piece of music has a perfect balance of major and minor modes - minor being feminine, somber and evocative and major being masculine, bright and direct. This distinction of major and minor is recognised in European Music Academies. The analogy of the Major Mode as being bright and straight and that of the Minor Mode as being curved and sensual should suffice as metaphor.

Menfolk need to be enveloped by the softness and roundness of the sphere and womenfolk expect the menfolks’ input in the way of linear vectors (spokes) constructively dividing the inside of the circle, and in this way giving it stability, purpose and completion - indeed completion of the whole matrix. Such is the splendid universal arrangement of the different meanings of the male and of the female ubiquitously present in all and everything.



HYC is the force from heaven, from the firmament, energising and galvanising and giving life to all matters of a physical they mechanical, or of the flesh, or of the vegetal kingdom.

For us, this priceless form of ‘chi’ comes to us via the Sun and is regulated by the Moon; and the force of Gravity, acting as the carrier-wave, allows the distribution and dissemination of this precious and priceless Force of Life (Chi). Without it there can be no existence and no consciousness.

Look at your beloved mobile telephone. It is highly sophisticated, and is a useless piece of junk without the kiss of electricity being ubiquitous through every atom of it !

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