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        This simple Device, without moving parts, has been designed to obtain excellent results in re-aligning your pelvis. If your pelvis is not aligned and stabilised you will suffer the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous’ back-pain and other musculo-skeletal aches and pains.

       This PCR Device is designed to execute ‘Three Techniques’ all different, but they re-adjust the pelvis back to its proper angularity. These ‘Three Techniques’ implemented by this PCR Device are easy to learn and only take seconds or minutes to execute.

           Back-pain and other musculo-skeletal aches and pains are caused 98% of the time by an unstable pelvis, which is so commonplace.  When it is dislocated it loses its horizontality, and thus the spine is forced to suffer distortion, and also, the body has to sustain leg length discrepancy.

You now have a chance to correct the dislocation of your pelvis as many times as you so wish.
Instructions are sent with this Device and video footage may be obtained as well when requested.


You may purchase this PCR Device
using paypal as listed below.

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Please be sure to choose the correct one for your location. There are 3 options which are UK, EU, USA & The Rest of The World. All prices include postage.

Instructions are sent with this Device and video footage may be obtained as well when requested.


Instructions as to usage are also indicated in the eBook 2nd edition that is accessible now.
ISBN eBook 978-0-9549755-0-0



To purchase click here...

The eManual stands on its own in that it contains self-help techniques
to re-align your pelvis using the Device.
The PCR Device is designed and developed by Alexander Barrie
 from an original idea conceived by Andrew Bialek of London,  England.



        The function and the purpose of The Pelvic Corrector Device is to assist the process of re-alignment of a dislocated pelvis and therefore to help reduce, if not extinguish back-pain and other musculoskeletal aches and pains.

        This statement is based on the premise that without pelvic stabilisation even when the segments of the whole spine are aligned or re-aligned, back-pain and other musculoskeletal will continue always!

        The spine itself should sit on a base (pelvis) that is angularly horizontal.This enables it [the spine] to enjoy true verticality. In other words, the spine must be at right-angles to the balanced horizontal pelvis. The pelvis becomes dysfunctional for many varied reasons, and, among the many physiological disorders engendered by a pelvic dislocation,the most problematic, are, when a tilt of the pelvis to one side obtains, and so,it is now at an oblique angle - a pathological departure away from it's true horizontal plane. There are other kinds of pelvic dislocation but the kind referred to above happens to be the most commonplace. Pelvic displacement is also widespread amongst the populations of the World and especially so in The Western World Sector.

        As the luckless spine is now under tension-strain, because its segments must twist and turn to accommodate this unnatural angle of the pelvis (the segments of the spine are now sitting on an oblique pathologically angled pelvic base),inevitably, leg length discrepancy becomes a normal feature of this unholy alliance. This corrosive association potentially damages various bony joints especially those of: hip, knee, ankle and foot.

      In addition, the troubled segments of the whole spine now have adverse effects on various nerve groups, to the point of reducing their electrical and biological impulses - even potentially cutting-off some of these energetic pulses altogether. Therefore, the physiological structures these nerve groups supply, and especially so the muscles, should become dysfunctional causing further pain and discomfort and potentially and ultimately disease but also visceral organ deficiencies.  The disturbing picture outlined above is also responsible for pathological disorders such as with: sciatica, lumbago, frozen shoulder, stiff and painful neck, knee, sprained ankle and as stated, a source of dis-ease inducing: headache, and digestive dysfunction amongst other things.

        Providentially, it is possible now to maintain self-alignment of our pelvises with a simple technique or techniques. The most important procedure may be executed by oneself to re-align the pelvis employing The Pelvic Corrector Device. The work involved in the PCD usage has to be regular and daily until stabilisation of the pelvis has taken place but freedom from pain may be enjoyed immediately.   

         Other benefits using this Device are to strengthen the pelvic floor - especially important to women, but also for men's prostatic gland - strengthening of the the muscles of the thighs and assisting equalisation of power in both legs as well as bringing into being leg length integrity. 

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