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                 Alexander Barrie has been treating patients at his Clinic in North West London for over 30 years, his main Work and Research is at the cutting-edge of back-pain cure.  This includes the successful treatments of musculoskeletal aches and pains as well.  Back-pain effects 85% of the populations of the world - it is a debilitating Condition that most of us suffer during our lifetime.


               Alexander is a physician of Natural Medicine.  His skills include Japanese (Shiatsu); Hindu (Ayurveda); Cranial-Sacral Therapy (Western origin); and Chinese Medicine to enable him to give natural healing to his patients. Conditions such as with lumbago; sciatica; foot; ankle; knee; hip; lower, middle and upper back-pain; shoulder (frozen); neck; elbow and wrist are dealt with admirably. Kindly click here for more information on available treatments.


               People attend his Clinic from all over the world: Australia, Europe, Mauritius, Middle East, USA, and more.  All have gained tremendous relief from their aches and pains, but also the excellent easing of their pathological conditions as with: Migraine, Asthma, Dyspepsia and many more common ailments.


               Alexander Barrie has discovered a way to relieve peoples’ suffering from chronic back-pain, by inventing a Device called The Pelvic Corrector.  This appliance enables patients to regulate their own pelvic alignment on a daily basis, and consequently, this boosts their vitality and blood circulation.  In this way, the Immune System also is strengthened. This not only keeps us pain-free but helps spectacularly well to maintain a generally good health level.  It is a crucial technique for our daily wellbeing routine/regime. For more information on Pelvic Corrector Device click here 

For data on The Pelvic Corrector Device and on the eBook: Correct Your Pelvis & Heal Your Back-pain, click here...


               With his wealth of clinical experience, knowledge and skill, he has opened his Practice to other practitioners of medicine.  His Clinic is also open to laymen who sincerely wish to learn his unique techniques of Pelvic Correction and has teamed-up with Wei Wu to found an umbrella alliance to propagate both their very specialised therapies: The Aligned Wellness Academy (AWA). Wei Wu practices Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) from Taiwan, Shiatsu and other essential medical disciplines as well.  Wei Wu practices YSD & Shiatsu.  For more information on AWA Academy click here...

For full list of therapies available click Alexalign Therapies

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