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      My literary works came into being as such between the years 2005 to 2020.  They present ideas based on observation and personal experience, but also from moments of extraordinary inspiration and guidance that cannot be explained mundanely but only by receiving infusions from incomprehensible dimensions.  The content of these dimensions are sometimes referred to as The Akashic Records.  Even so, I have borrowed much from the ancient body of knowledge called in this day and age Astrology - not ‘fair-ground’ astrology that most people are familiar with but from the true science of it, which is built-up over many thousands of years.  The book on Pelvic Correction though, is based on my discoveries as physician of natural medicine, on how easy it is to relieve back-pain and other musculoskeletal aches and pains.



       The general tone of the sum total of all the My Works is somewhat sober and some might say: Grave.  It is best the reader approaches each book with a serious mind because I have purported many answers to incomprehensible life questions that beset modern societies - indeed some of these writings require study, and need to be read many times.  In common parlance, some of contents are ‘hard-going’.  Even so, move to the following chapter that should make for easier reading.



      For the reader, it is better to be forewarned about the many notions expressed within my writings because many of their content meanings are totally contrary to the present-day ideas and actions that have been pushed onto and into society by the modern media and government to the point of brainwashing it - and it, society (almost Godless) seems to be unaware of what is happening to it.  In other words life’s true values are becoming perverted such as to cause it [society, but not all of it of course] to accept as ‘Cool’: profanity, disrespect, hatred, guile, indolence, cheating, lying, greed and perversion within life as normal and even as badges of honour.   


      Dr. Alexander Barrie (Alexalign Therapies).


To view these books click here for PELVIC CORRECTION eBOOK and here for WHOLESOME IS OUR PRECIOUS GENDER DIVIDE

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