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 Alexander Barrie Back-pain Consultant and Founder of The Pelvic Correction System™ with Wei Wu, Shiatsu and Yuan Shi Dian Medicine Practitioner (The Source of Pathological Conditions) will teach how to neutralise successfully the damaging impact of ill-health and the misalignment of our bones - Back-Pain in particular.

      The misaligned pelvis not only induces musculo-skeletal aches and pains, but may also give rise to physiological and pathological Conditions. In this way, the connectedness of all the visceral organs of the body and the body’s structures, reveal their influences upon one another. The potential damaging and adverse affects on the joints of the skeletal frame are of paramount importance to note. The dislocation of the pelvis, leading to acute and chronic back-pain, always engenders leg length discrepancy!

      Disorders such as with femoral/inguinal hernia; miscarriage; cysts on ovaries, uterine and pubic bone disorders; endometriosis; hip dysfunctions; lumbago and sciatica may owe their genesis to a dysfunctional pelvis. On the other hand, suffering an hysterectomy, or the birth of your first infant will more than likely misalign the pelvis leading to lumbago, sciatica and back-pain. Indeed, the medical problems generated may be endless. Begin to learn and practice the celebrated Pelvic Correction System™ to counteract all these pathological symptoms.

       Wei Wu will cover: Yuan Shi Dian (Origin Point Medicine):

      Yuan Shi Dian Medicine‘s principles and techniques are focused on boosting our body’s self-healing capacities. Fundamentally, it is our body’s ability to self-heal that ultimately ‘cures’ all injuries, diseases and illnesses. Applying the correct Yuan Shi Dian Medicine theory and practice will boost our self-healing interior mechanism and help to deal with many incurable diseases.

      Yuan Shi Dian Medicine is an advanced development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It simplifies the Meridian System and the Acupuncture Points.  Yuan Shi Dian has found all the major Pathological Source Points of the body and thus, it is truly the most effective way of treating most medical disorders. Yuan Shi Dian itself, is a Medical Science whose nature is both diagnosis, treatment and health maintenance all at once.

      Applying the correct Yuan Shi Dian Medicine theory and practice will boost our self-healing interior mechanism and, as stated above,  will assist the treating of many incurable diseases such as with cancer, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, incontinence, and numerous other disorders.

      The System so far, is not particularly well known in Europe. It is our mission to make known such an effective, powerful and needless to say ‘Green’ medicine from the East.  You will learn the brief history of Yuan Shi Dian Medicine, the basic theories, and you will also experience and witness this powerful Medical System for yourself.  During the talk/demonstration/teaching, you will also practice the main techniques and methods of this medical discipline and also enjoy the discussions over a few difficult case studies.

      Yuan Shi Dian Medicine has been developed by Master Dr. Chang Chaohan (Taiwanese Traditional Chinese Medicine). It has been clinically tried and tested for treating many illnesses, and has been proven by producing a very high success rate, and this, by healing/treating all kinds of patients with their difficult medical disorders.






       Wei Wu is a pioneering London therapist who has developed an innovative Aligned Wellness treatment programme to deliver effective and long-lasting results for her clients.

      By carefully aligning a range of treatments that combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques, every consultation and treatment programme is tailored to each individual with immediate results following treatment. Ninety per cent of people experience immediate improvement after just one treatment.

      Wei has inherited Traditional Chinese Medicine skills and knowledge from her father, a respected medical doctor in Beijing, China. Wei has gained years of clinical experience and has travelled and studied extensively in the West and in Taiwan.

      She is fully qualified and is registered with the Shiatsu Society as a Senior Practitioner (SRSS). Wei is also a Senior Associate Member of The Royal Society of Medicine. In addition, she practices The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™? to correct the alignment of the pelvis and human body, and has trained under the personal supervision of the founder Alexander Barrie. She has also studied and has been trained in Cold Laser Therapy with Professor Gordon Farmer, Principal at UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser. 


      Wei is expertly trained in the rare form of Medicine Yuan Shi Dian Medicine (YSD) or Origin Point Medicine. 'I believe that the Purpose of Medicine is to prolong people's lives and to help them enjoy relief from their symptoms.  Origin Point Medicine is a very natural safe physical medicine and it is also highly effective in allaying discomfort and the treating of various disorders’.

      Her treatments help to ease physical discomfort and thus, they ameliorate serious Conditions that you may be suffering, and this relief is usually immediate. Wei’s treatments also help alleviate pain, numbness, itchiness, swelling, insomnia and numerous other Conditions. YSD should assist the body remedy itself of various ‘incurable’ diseases such as with cancers, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson's, arthritis, and incontinence, and many more stubborn disorders.  In general, Patients who have experienced Wei's treatments, almost instantly have a sense of wellbeing by the time they leave the Clinic.

       'Being a healing Therapist happens to be the fulfillment of a long-held ambition for me. I believe that I can help and guide people suffering all kinds of illnesses, to gain back their health. I understand well how the body works, and what it may suffer.Somehow I just knowhow to put it right, with appropriate treatments and the changing of lifestyles. We tend to look for answers from outside, seeking help from different professionals, but the answers are actually within us'.

      Nutrition and intermittent and prolonged fasting:

      Wei has been applying the most recent cutting-edge knowledge and data about nutrition, the evolutionary and correct way of eating to help people to reverse many chronic Conditions, such as with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, treating cancer patients, colitis, non-explained medical condition such as with seizures and and many kinds of aches and pains. She also teaches people how to lose extra body weight, but in a healthy way, and to maintain their natural ideal weight, but for life.

      She gives a tremendous amount of support to her clients/patients, by encouragement and by providing the most relevant and up to date information to them including individuals in general. She is attempting to educate people to look after their own health, that is: rather than ‘just do illness management’.

        To teach people fishing, rather than give them a piece of fish every time. Wei's aim is to help people to be in control of their own health and become free, confident and fulfilled in their lives.



     Origin Point Medicine (also known as OPM or Yuan Shidian Medicine YSD) arises from abandoning preconceptions, starting from scratch, trusting the solutions found together with feedback from thousands of patients, rather than originating from conflicting conventional medical knowledge.

     Origin Point Medicine is a combination of diagnose, treatment and health maintenance and is a Medical Science such, as to be an excellent Medical System.

     The System was developed by Taiwanese Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner Dr. Chang Chaohan. His methods have been clinically tried and tested   for the successful treating of many stubborn illnesses. His System has been proven by its very high success rate in neutralising all kinds of medical Conditions with their detrimental effects.  This includes the enabling of cancer patients to recover naturally.

     Origin Point Medicine’s principles and techniques are focused on boosting our body’s self-healing capacities.  Fundamentally, it is our body’s ability to self-heal that ultimately ‘cures’ all injuries, illnesses, diseases and disorders. OPM insists on avoiding depleting treatments such as with the taking of drugs that exhaust our body’s vitality and which weaken the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Applying the correct OPM theory & practice will boost our self-healing capacities, as mentioned above, and help all incurable diseases such as cancers, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, incontinence, and numerous other disorders to be ameliorated and even cured.


To work towards eliminating human suffering. Suffering that is due to common disease and illness, but also, this system should help neutralise many disorders and ailments our current human generation suffers and to pass on to future generations this splendid knowledge of healthy living.


     Origin Point Medicine has many similarities to, and is broadly based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM is like anything in life, it needs development and refinement. We cannot allow Traditions to limit our advancement. Instead, Tradition should be an inspiration for us to move on to better understandings of life, because nothing stands still within our existence.

     Dr. Sun Simiao (Tang dynasty 700 AD) found Ashi Points which are not necessarily located along the meridians as in TCM; he said that Ashi Points are more effective than regular acupuncture points situated along the meridians. Dr. Sun Simiao is one of the most important medical Doctors in Chinese history. His books are still considered as some of the most important of Chinese Medicine Classics.

     Yet, it is very difficult for a therapist to find the Ashi Points within clinical practice. It resembles finding a needle in a haystack. However, Origin Point Medicine basically gives us the specific areas in which to find Ashi Points and it also looks for the exact source of an adverse symptom. It helps map-out and locate the origin of illness, thus tackling and relieving any pain and discomfort, over the whole human body.

     Origin Point Medicine is a further development of TCM. It simplifies meridian and acupuncture points. It has found all the major trigger points in our body and that is why it is so effective.

     Most medical disciplines will try to diagnose what is wrong with you. Western medical uses varying types of diagnosis with check-ups. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s diagnose is by checking the pulses and so on. In Origin Point Medicine though, it is the patient working together with the therapist, that successfully finds exactly where the problem is; which is one of the reasons for Origin Point Medicine being more accurate. This is because patients will be true to themselves during The Process. It is a two-way treatment, through the giver and the receiver by communication, finding the origin and defining the problem.

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