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The Alexalign clinic is the establishment where many of these valuable medical disciplines you will read here were discovered and innovated.  It is the power-house from which remarkable things originate, both in teaching and in administering therapeutic medicine - medicine of great variation, so that many Medical Conditions may be treated successfully as to their demise.

The treatments at Alexalign Clinic in North West London

England, connect with many different ailments such as with headaches, digestive and respiratory disorders, and much more. Its speciality is the

successful ministrations for back-pain and

all musculo-skeletal aches and pains, including:

Lumbago; sciatica; foot; ankle; knee; hip; lower, middle and upper back-pain;
shoulder (frozen); neck; elbow and wrist




Pelvic Disorders/Dislocations, so commonplace are successfully dealt with at Alexalign Clinic. Also, how to correct these misalignments is taught through Certified Courses under the aegis of  Aligned Wellness Academy and are open to a small number of laymen as well as practitioners of all medical disciplines.


The cost of treatments for all types of medical disorders is always £70.00 and lasts 45 minutes give or take.


The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™



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